Wednesday, 4 September 2013

4th September 2013 - Oops - I accidentally wrote another love song....

It is not surprising really. People used to look at me strangely (well, to be honest they still do) and say
"Why would you do that silly hobby - dressing up and running around the woods with pretend swords and killing goblins?"
I have always had a simple answer, "Have you seen my photographs?"

For ten years we have had the pleasure, and a little hard work, of running the Crimson Moon Tavern, for Reenactors and Live Roleplayers, with the obvious spin-offs of birthdays, parties and weddings, occasional country show and festive Markets, and for ten years I have taken my camera with me to record some of the great people that we have had the opportunity to meet.

And occasionally one can forget the passing of the years, when surrounded by beauty.

In this case, Mythodea in Germany has once more provided the muse. The sun was blazing hot. The thermometer suggested 107 degrees. The fire dancers were adapting their show to spray water over the watching crowds in the town center, and Mona Mour, (I found her name afterwards) had hurt her foot and was unable to dance, but hobbled to the Jolly Rouge Tavern and Bath House.

Standing on one of the benches to watch the show, she saw me passing and called out "hey.. Mr Bard!"

I had promised her a song earlier at a chance meeting, so I entered the shade of the tavern.
The sand was hot under foot, burning through my sandals. The paper Lanterns that hung around the edges of the tent were not lit now. In the evening the tavern was warm and welcoming. I had sung there the night before.

But now the Tavern was a different place. There were others around the tables, I have no doubt, but at that time I was singing to a beautiful girl, standing upon an bench in the Jolly Rouge...

And so..
For Mona Mour, and for the Jolly Rouge Tavern and Bath house...  a song...

"When it's winter in Wales, and there's a chill in the air
I remember a warmth that will always be there,
With lanterns of paper and candles and tapers,
My heart's in the Jolly Rouge"

"Why would you do that silly hobby???   I am content ..."


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