Thursday, 26 September 2013

26th September 2013 - Home Alone Diaries - Day 4

Well the Pennine walk seem to be going well. There was a dearth of news yesterday as it seemed that there was no signal anywhere for mobiles. Oops. Just remembered  I was meant to add some credit to Susie's Phone.. Better do that now !!!

Okay - all done. News form the Walkers, one has had to pull out due to an injured tendon. So the walkers are down to two. Apparently rain overnight again - but clear for the actual walk. Wishing them luck.

Meanwhile, a day out for installation yesterday. Of course that complicated things a little. Chickens had to go back in their hutch at 2pm - which did not please them at all!! And poor old Delft had to have her dinner at 2pm instead of 6pm - which did not seem to bother her at all!!.

Now discovered that brown rice needs to be cooked for a lot longer than expected when your normal rice cooking is an easy cook-in-bag for two minutes. Last effort for dog food ( Delft needs the carbohydrate and it is still probably cheaper than the Dog biscuit we used to use) and the grains were a little "al dente".  Read the packaging this time cos I took my pair of glasses down with me, and found that it should simmer for 25 minutes. Makes a lot of difference. Brown and fluffy today.

So, having managed to put the Russian, Dutch and Danish versions of the Green One, had the opportunity today to compile the Global Version 3 video..

ENGLISH - FRENCH - MANDARIN - ITALIAN - GERMAN - ANCIENT PERSIAN - GREEK - RUSSIAN - DUTCH - DANISH - (MORE DUTCH) - and DATA from Star Trek.  - it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!.....

Well, better loosen up the fingers and go and tickle the ivories......

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