Wednesday, 25 September 2013

25th September 2013 - Home alone diaries Day 3

Bright start to the day - sun shining, let the girls out at 7.30am and gave them a handful of breadcrumbs - and went back to bed..   Can't be a bad start to the day.

Up again no, and cleaned the kitchen out. Photos for the house should be going onto the websites today or tomorrow so better start doing that bit of clutter cleaning that I promised myself I would do on Monday. It is Wednesday after all!!!

Quick scrub around the kitchen and mop over the floor with some bleach and disinfectant. Makes it smell a bit better and less of dog. Though Delft seems to be through her wet patch and has not needed nappies for two days.

Mattress taken upstairs from the living room and a half dozen Morrison boxes are ready for use...

Walkers seem to have started their journey up north..

This, traditionally is the end of the walk for most people, but not for these walkers..  They are doing it the other way round....

Sunny today so the greenhouse needed to have the doors open, A few tomatoes harvested. Of course there is a small problem - I think that the small yellow tomatoes are meant to be small yellow tomatoes and not red..  so I have picked them !!    May be accused of tomato Torture later in the day - but am working from the best of  intentions... They often lead to hell!!

3 eggs from the girls. Turned the cheese. Delft seems to be another day without need of nappies. ( feel like a parent of young child at the moment!! counting the days between accidents !)

Egg and Chips for dinner . A real speciality for me . Can't remember when I last had such a repast !!
Something said for the (occasional) looking after ones self. Though I will happily go back to my normal feeding terms !!!

Must say that yesterday's Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie was a little too much for one person. However I could not see a way to happily save it into a second portion - and so had to eat the whole thing !!  Was a little Over the Top I acknowledge.. but then again - you have to make do when you are Home Alone...

Seems to be a spaghetti western on TV - glass of Vino -    night !!

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