Monday, 23 September 2013

23rd September 2013 - Home Alone Diaries Day 1

So, Susie heads off on the great adventure - the Pennine Way from North to South - 287 miles in 12 days. Not that she is walking it! But the logistics part is as much of a challenge as any other part of such a project with its own pressures. So good luck to her as she heads up North.

I am told that it is normal to do it the other way round. Can't see it myself. After all, it is downhill form Scotland to England - you just have to look at the map and see that you are going down the page!  Not only that, it is always warmer down south - so you do the cold bit first and then get warmed up !!

So, for 12 days (or a few more) the blog will be a version of the Home alone Diaries..
I have a little help of course.
I have a list!!

  1. Let out Chickens
  2. Collect Eggs (2 today)
  3. Check water
  4. Top up food hopper every 3 days ( needs doing tomorrow)
  5. 4 small handfuls of corn to get them to bed  ( I shouted and they ran for the chicken house - but I gave them some corn anyway. I think they are spoiled)
  6. 1/2 tablet for Delft morning and evening ( good thing I wrote this - evening tablet needed. BRB)
    that's better - one half tablet wolfed down - now where was I ?
  7. If sunny, open the greenhouse for the peppers - wasn't that sunny today
  8. Water peppers once a week 
  9. Check how ripe tomatoes are and pick accordingly. add to bags and freeze.
  10. Turn cheese once a day.. Oops -
    down stairs again!!
  11. If enough eggs - beat and put in bag to freeze..
Seems simple enough - to get horribly wrong somewhere a long the way !!

So a day of getting people on their way. Susie on her way to the North. Eileen on her way home from hospital. Once again the NHS proves excellent in all their care except for basic logistics. Trying to get a list of medicine used in hospital sent to a pharmacy and then transported to the house without several errors, which in fairness were caught by the Pharmacy staff, but the lack of any form of urgency nearly meant that Eileen had to spend another night in hospital while everyone waited patiently for a doctor to sign the prescription some time after surgery !!!  A few phone calls were required - but everything worked out well in the end.

And so, baked beans on toast with an egg on top for dinner. May manage egg and chips tomorrow - haven't had that for years !!!  The next few days could be full of culinary delights!!

Glass of home made Chateau 41 - don't mind if I do...

Couple more photos form my own galleries of the weekend wedding. Five people have changed their profiles on facebook to pictures I took. Can't be a criticism, so rather pleased with the results.

and so to the machine....


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