Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday 21st September 2012 - Another day in Paradise...

Another full day in Crete.
Sunny as usual - trying to get a little more aclimatised to the local time zone - 2 hours early !!
so managed to get up at 10 am this morning local time  (8am to real people)
Breakfast of fresh bread - Philadelphia cheese and apricot jam - orange juice and tea.
Swim in the sea outside the apartment - rest in the sun and then the shade - read 800 pages of Game of Thrones now - and a walk into town.

Bought Susie soem flippers so she can use the snorkel and swim about while I watch. A Worked out that the charging unit is the problem with the lap top - not the computer - so that is one step ahead ...
will see whether I can keep it charged enough in the bar or other places to avoid buying new charger before we get home.

Managed as trip to Limnes this evening for dinner.
Dinner for four with 4 carafes of wine - 28 Euros - Love this place!!

Back early to allow Bunnie an early start to London for her award ceremonies
Time for a quick Blog and then a chapter more methinks before bed...
Sitting in the ambient light on the shoreline as I type - what better way to get your work done ...

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