Tuesday, 4 September 2012

4th September 2012 - Back to normal then ...

The small heat wave of the last two days has dissipated ... and only two days to get ready for the next one.. Seem to have drifted a little yesterday!

Had the bill form McGee's for the beer last event and quesdtioned the price on one keg - but otherwise we both had a good event methinks. I have taken three Eagle onwards with me towards this event - but otherwise we will be all paid for with a little money in the bank.

A little disappointed that the couple that we expected to be with us for the weekend are now no longer with us for set up and the weekend. Which means that we are short of staff really. I have not tried to arrange anyone else as there were four of us there . Luckily - Tarn has taken the weekend off and will be coming to join us.

Dentist this morning - seem to have lost a filling over the weekend but managed to get an emergency appointment..  

Firepit at Exmouth
Managed to get some more cooking oil for the biodiesel - but too late to start it until this evening as it needs to settle for 12 hours after initial heating.

Van insurance sorted - quoting me £506 for renewal - but Go Compare gave me £386 for the same - so they decided to equal that and give me a £25 voucher to renew the Market Trading Membership which we will continue with even though we are selling the business. Didn't get a Meerkat though as I went back to Market Traders.

Seems that I only have to give a couple of days notice for cancelling the credit card system - so that will not prove a problem.

Dentist was simple - quick change of the filling as there was no deterioration of the tooth underneath.
Vitis wines sorted - getting a selection of meads in 6 cases - and 8 cases of the more popular fruit wines delivered to the site - and 10 cases of Moniack  from Lyme Bay ...

Glamorgan Beer - I have ordered 4 x Ffarwell Haf - been popular in the past - 4.5% and a blonde ale ... to add to the 3 Eagle that I am taking from last event, ordered  4 x Black Rat as well and asked about sale or return on a couple of Lagers...

Need to think about change again tomorrow, T shirts still have not been ordered, ho hum
Tomorrow will be load the van day I think ...

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