Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5th September 2012 - The year is flowing away !!

Seems like only a week ago that I started the Blog - but that was back in April and a whole season has come and gone since then. Still - one last load of the van for a Big event and then just the small events before the end of the year.

Managed to upload some photographs of the party in Exmouth while it was quiet yesterday.
Susie was up at 7am getting the Bio-diesel started and now it is 9am and a cup of tea and a quick check of the Blog and the emails before I start the big load.

Sadly will have to empty most of the van and trailer to get the extra stuff in - even though I will be needing most of the kit that is in both - but they will need to be packed differently. Is always the way !

Things to remember: Party Plastics, Cash flow, Orange and Vodka - not in any particular order !!
If I get the chance I will get the T shirts ordered and some new badges for those who served at the "Ta Ta Tiffin" ..

Tabs are still trickling in form the Renewal - at least half are in now and I will expect the rest over the weekend.

So - teas is finished - best get some work done !!

Time now 7pm - and work mainly done. Trailer was fairly easy to re-adjust and fill - brought it around the front of the house with the car - could not have done that with the old Suzuki!! Managed to get all the crates in - except anything for the kitchen tomorrow. The van was more about taking everything out and putting the bar pieces in and then re-filling the van -we are taking more than we need -cos I could not find all the bits of canvass to sort -but that is not really important - we can sort that at Caldicot. Weather still holding and looks good.

Got change - decided on £500 in pound coins and £200 in fifty pence - have a few in twenty and tens available as well.
Did not get to the T Shirt place in time - so will email the order through this evening.
Think we will have to drop off at Bookers on the way to get the Coke and Vodka and more Gin. This we can get away with everything else - may need orange in the end - but cannot get to the fridge to find how much we have left - I think it is a few slabs.
Party Plastics tonight to get the Pint pots - we have about a thousand wine glasses and about 2,000 1/2 pints which we can use for wine if we get short.
I think we will buy in 3 boxes - that is 2,100 pints - that will leave us a stock of about a box for the new buyers.
Sunset at Exmouth

Birthday Cake for Erin

Torren  and Oma
Stu in charge of the BBQ 

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