Monday, 10 September 2012

10th September - 2012 - Home again - Post EMA 

Sitting at home with a Chinese meal in my tummy and a glass of red wine ( well a couple actually) back home, at 9pm - washed, showered, warm ( well sort of ) and very tired!!.

Managed to get the 4-master down last night immediately after the public left the event at 5pm. All the canvass away with the threat of rain for the morning - so taking advantage of the moment to get the canvass away dry. Also separated into sections - for a little final repair before moving on. The 4 Master will not be use again by us!!  It will be packed now for the sale.

Then a very pleasant evening in the 2 master,   with some of our friends in the Early Medieval Alliance staying and having a pint or two and some meads while we sang some old songs and enjoyed the fire.

And the rain started about 9pm yesterday - and continued for the night. But we were warm and dry - the tarpaulin over the bedroom keeping all the water out.

Morning saw a wet ground and wet tent - but the sun was trying to break through...
Took until 4pm to sort all the bar and contents, and get everything stacked away  - and we dodged a rain shower or two - but over all the sides and main canvass went away dry. Thanks once again to the Weather Gods for looking after us !!!

Will look at the pictures to morrow - only took a few but hoping there will be a few worth while to remember the event by.
Had many people say nice things about the Moon and ourselves - I think we may be missed !!1.

But now - sheer exhaustion is setting in ...
Night !

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