Sunday, 30 September 2012

30th September 2012 - another month gone!!!

A simple day today.
Late rise and English breakfast in Kaaren's  - a fine establishment - especially if wanting good english cooking in Crete ....  Karen and her other half who may be Tim - but can't be sure - also have a French Chalet for the skiing in the winter and go there early in December to do the season there .
Can't be a bad system.

Bethan and Niko joined us for a late breakfast and then it was down to kolykitho beach for swimming. Too many strangers for skinny dipping... but a few beers on the beach care of Niko made for a good afternoon.

Managed to go to HOPE bar in Mavrokanian - the home of Michaelis - the 90 something year old who had kept the bar for the last 90 years or so it seemed.
Dimitris and his lady now run the bar and it is completely refurbished and does a very good Meze at a reasonable price.
Had a Raki in remembrance of Michaelis - but Dimitris and his lady had no understanding of what I was talking about as I recalled the last time we were in the bar - counting out the bottle tops and the raki Bottles so he could work out the bill....

Now on the Balcony - listening to Sean Tyrrel singing "Time you old Gipsy Man - will you not stay.."
seems appropriate   for the end to another lovely day...

Chapters for Der Vollsanger now changed to Scenes - scene two posted...

Der Vollsanger - Scene two...

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