Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26th September 2012 - Wednesday

Seems that the UK is covered with storms and rain and floods and cold. Hmm - I wonder how bad it is to not really care and enjoy the sun here ? It is too hot to get out onto the balcony this morning though I tried for half an hour or so.
The sky is again cloudless with a light haze across the land - just the heat rising form the ground.

Had a nice dinner in Kantoyni restaurant - our old haunt in Mavrokikis, and was quite impressed by the Chef/waiter there who not only recognized us from two years ago - but asked whether we were still doing the re-enactment bar and banqueting...

A stroll along the seafront then and a couple of drinks in Friends Bar - where again we had a very warm welcome - Dimitri buying the first round!!   which was a first, and also a champagne mixture later in the evening. I know it was already open but it was still a nice gesture. Of course we spent more time there as a result than we were expecting - so it worked - but he was pleasant company.

Can't get over how quiet everywhere is though - cannot believe that anyone is making ends meet.
There was a couple of minstrels in the square playing some traditional Greek music which was also very good.
Not sure if it is a saints day or something today - but the school seems to be closed - so it is reasonably quiet.. Having said that the kids have just started shouting outside - but I think it is just a couple playing.

30 degrees in the shade - a very warm day now. appears that there is a strike and the banks, post office, schools are all shut. Went to Cypriano for breakfast - was not intending to - but as we got out the car Dimitri waved at us and welcomed us back - so felt sort of duty bound to go there. Had a good English breakfast and stayed long enough afterwards for a beer as well..

Nice drive over the causeway and a bit of 4 wheel drive down to the skinny dip beach. Good for snorkelling I mam told... water beautifully warm and told that a heat wave is on its way - expect 35 to 40 degrees for the weekend...

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