Monday, 3 September 2012

3rd September 2012 - Back to Wales ...

Well, a couple of fine days by the seaside - but despite the sunshine and the wonderful views and the company, it was really time to get back onto the M5 and M4 and return home.

Took the opportunity of  calling in at Caldicot Castle to examine the ground - which was wet but not excessive - so should be suitable for the weekend. Contacted Vitis Wines and found that it will be necessary to get the Moniack from Lyme Bay direct - so will get a 1/4 pallet of fruit wines and other meads sent from Vitis direct to the Castle.

Other tasks for today

  1. Order new T shirts - paid for at last event
  2. Cancel Streamline the Credit Card service as we will be ceasing trading in a month 
  3. Van Insurance - due on the 8th 
  4. Details to be sent to Crete regarding flight times .... 

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