Monday, 28 May 2012

May 28th 2012 - Loading Day

Early stop to drop the van off for the MOT.
Susie doing a trip to Bookers :
3 bags of Charcoal
4 boxes of Candles (50)
I box Ready Salted Crisp
1 Box Cheese & Onion Crisp
1 Nuts Roasted
1 Nuts Salted
2 Pork Scratchings
Jack Daniels -get a box

Thinking of doing a trip via Brecon to pick up the spares from Roger & Maxine - sent with them form the overstock at Chalfont St Peters. If so can get some Brandy and bits and bobs on the trip.
Considering whether I can do the main load in one trip after all. Don't need to take all the Moniack - could leave 6 cases behind for the next event.

No update from the wedding regarding the ingredients required for Cocktails at the wedding - so not really sure what to get, or whether we will be able to go ahead with that part...

T Shirt Posted - post has gone up for single T Shirt to £2.20 with the new prices. Means I will have to increase the prices. Sad - was good at £7.99 and £9.99 including postage. Seem to be making 35p profit now !! Still it is more about the advertising rather than the profit!!

Successful day so far: Trailer filled up. Everything ready to go int he van when it gets back.
Managed to get hold of my friend Ron Savory from Sticks 'n Picks music tuition and he is going to let me have some PA equipment for free entry to the Jude Ant Fest. Sadly going to have to go to Drefach to collect - but still better than the £120 a day I have been quoted so far. He will be bringing down his caravan and popping off to do a couple of gigs over the weekend. Still haven't heard form Dai Sharkey.
Posted Ron the links to galleries and events.

Had two new enquiries: One for a 40th Birthday next July / August - dependent upon availability of Curious Pastimes Event. also a birthday party (30th) for November this year in Norfolk.

4pm and van still not through the MOT - ready to go back and be re-tested - but that means no loading until after 5pm. However - on a more positive note - Ron has arranged a lovely little 60 watt BOSE speaker 8 channel PA system for us and will bring it down himself. Of course - the shop turns out to be in Crosshands not Drefach - he lives in Drefach - so spent a fruitless hour and a half looking for him !! All's well that ends well !!

5.30pm and the Van is back with full MOT - let the loading begin !!!
Taking of loading - uploaded a video from Saturday Night Race Night. Alun tells me the final sum raised was £3,300 which is phenomenal for a single evening for 90 people. and of course there was the entertainment :

9.30pm - finished as much as I can do tonight - though in fairness - if I am coming back for another trip then I may as well call it a day with a few bits and pieces now.
Costume sorted for the wedding - nothing fancy but Susie has done me a noce cravat and with the top Hat - it is making a small effort. Still no answer re some steampunk bits and pieces - oh well - run out of time really...


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