Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 17th 2012 - Thursday - "Clean Morning Room Windows"

(don't worry about the quote .. It relates to a play called the Playgoers which Susie and I acted in many years ago in local Am Dram.... Somehow needs to be said when saying "Thursday")

Preparation for the weekend's wedding. 120 people sitting down plus ceilidh in the evening. Setting up Friday and wedding form lunchtime on the Saturday through the evening . They are supplying their own reception - raspberry vodka in lemonade - which we will serve. They are also supplying their own wine for the tables - checked with them - it will be bottle between 3 so they will need some more.

Looking at taking the Lager from last event - almost full and single flash cooler. They suggest that they are Real ale drinkers so will take one keg of real ale and one spare - if unopened it will stay fresh for the next one.  Special request for Jaegermeister - we have the large bottle  :)  Susie will up to up to Glamorgan Ales to pick it up - save me running around as well. Might need to speak to my Wine Man form Chile.

Decided to take the Trailer rather than struggle
Allows us to take the freezer for the ice that we already have. Can set the van up as a camper van so no hassle with sleeping accommodation. 

Re-worked the Event Accounts book - so everything in order and proper dates in the ledger.
Have only one more box of invoices to work through.....

Better start a new list:
  1. Stock Check
  2. Get Beer : 2 x CWRW Gorslas @ £61.99 plus VAT  [done]
  3. Order Wines
  4. Load Trailer
  5. Set Van as Camper
  6. Finish Accounts up to date 
  7. Ink for Printer
  8. Pound Coins from Bank
  9. Cash deposit into Bank 
  10. Invoice Nelly re Wedding and take with us  
  11. General Sometime  : Video from the "Packing for PACCAR"  photos (forgot to take setting up photos)
  12. General Sometime : Chase Whisky from Bonded Warehouse
As my business Account is with Abbey National / Santander I am unable to deposit cash - or rather I am limited in how much cash I can deposit per month - and it has to be deposited through the ATM machine. As a result I get free banking with them. However - that means that I have to deposit cash via my own account and then transfer - which is then free. Means that many bills can get paid form the personal account - but makes the written accounts slightly more complicated. Have to do extra cross checking at the end of the year to make sure that all amounts are properly accounted for - mainly for tax purposes. Otherwise it looks as though more money is going in than is the case.

Had to laugh at this - posted by Nancy :

Seems my favourite Wine supplier - Enrique from Chile - living in Llanelli - is out of business. Phone not answering and no reply on the email or facebook . Pity - wanted a nice selection of ectra wines for the wedding - will have to go to Tesco tomorrow after all.

Most of the list sorted. Managed to get everything ready for a quick load in the morning and then hopefully off by 11am for Gloucester.  Got the videos from the last event - "If I was a Mongol"  am uploading to youTube now.  Also did a quick vid of the "Tapestry " Song. Decided I want to get a cello in the backing . Am thinking of speaking to Emma  - but need the video to show the tune and working .

Typical of course - as soon as I start uploading to Youtube - the broad band falls over.. Seems to be holding up up now ...   Both vids HD 1080 - so will have to edit on line - my machine is not capable of doing it in real time.

In the meantime - found a lovely free download for music score writing  - Musescore .
Spent a pleasant hour writing "Tapestry" onto a score and adding chords for the basic song - then found I could transpose it the tone that brings it to the key i play it in ...    Excellent.  Now I have something to send to Emma to see if I can have some cello backing


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