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May 20th 2012 - A wedding for the Brewers - How Appropriate!!

So, a successful day for the wedding party. Nelly Kinns became Mrs Jack Brewer and we wish them both every success for the future.
The Venue was lovely. Tim & Bridget ( the owners ) are just coming to terms with what they may want to do with the old Tithe Barn after rebuilding it over the last 10 years after a fire that pretty well destroyed it.  A lovely job they have done with the reconstruction - it is a listed building and they have been tied to many restrictions - but the final result is wonderful to see.  Very much a labour of love - Tim has done most of the reconstruction as a labour of love ... without grant - and certainly worthy fo the TV program "Grand Designs"

It is set in Brockworth Village. Right next to the Church ( who decided to ring the bells up in peal at 9am this morning which was less than welcome after a late evening !!)  Parts of the building were from 12th century - but most had been completely rebuilt - but with green oak timbers....  A wonderful site.

It is near Gloucester - and on the roman road to that city. We were fascinated by the presence of pill boxes across the land. Only after return and a google search do we find that Brockworth  Village was such a good central point that it was the location of the manufacturer of the Hawker Hurricane for the war. The Works are now replaced with the Gloucester Business Park.

We were able to reflect upon the day before: Interesting points
a) Jack Daniels was the main draw!!    Okay - I normally put on a couple of bottle so Jack Daniels - but as we are still on our normal price of £1.50 for a single and £2.50 for a double  - we found that 5 bottles of JD and Coke went !!
b) Real ale  - One keg was used with maybe a few pints int he wastage ... 2nd Keg on standby not needed.
c) Lager - an almost full 11gall was mainly used
d) Gin ... we had four bottles available - Susie and I were the only takers of Gin o'clock all weekend!!
e) Caterer managed to run out of gas for the barbecue cooking ....  Felt sorry for the chef - was his fourth day working for the new company and they had sent him off with no instructions as to what the set up was - and insufficient gas to do the job.  I swapped the gas from the Overhead patio heaters and got the food there o time. Then had to negotiate replacement gas for the heaters - 'cos the room was very cold int he evening.
Funny how - when you have offered to try to help, then suddenly you are in charge of the heating and logistics... but we managed to get the caterers to bring another two gas canisters and there was enough heat to get the ceilidh running - then they wanted the heating turned off !!
f) Decided to get extra Wines - having looked at how many bottles of standard wine was on the table - but only used a couple of bottles - mainly for blush - which wasn't on offer on the tables.   But is now stock - better to have more than we need has always been our motto.

Managed to take a few photos of the event and also provide some pictures after the "official" photographer went . All posted upon Facebook  at Gallery

My favourites are the transition photos at

Here we have the basics of the Crimson Moon set up .
I took the bar, and also the 10 ft  trestles in case we had sufficient room. Also two 6ft Trestle tables. This gave me the adaptability to cover any options. Most weddings - you do not have a clear idea of the space that you are allowed to work in,   as many couples have a clear idea in their mind how much space you need !!  BY taking a large set up and a small set up - you keep the options open. In this case we were able to utilise a full area of the room - and therefore used both setups together. We took all our main Tapestry Hangings as well as the prepared hangings upon pre-prepared poles. As a result we could just expand upon the canvass offered. I then started looking at lighting and used the halogens for uplighting  to get the best effect.  Unfortunately - we decided that the main flourescent lighting had to stay on - so the customers could see what they were buying  ....     but  the atmosphere was still better ...

Meads and Country Wines proved popular .....  provides a difference ...

Nelly and Jack turned up as we were clearing - thought they were off on honeymoon already - but they decided to leave at a specific time last night to be traditional. Thanked them for including us on the invitation list - something we had not expected and were touched when we found we have place settings...

Got everything stored away in the Trailer and left by about 3pm. Hugs with everyone and the family - one of the lovely things about running the Crimson Moon - we tend to leave as being friends of the family - rather than the "paid bar ".   Muggy weather all the way home ..

Back in the house by 6pm - the dogs were happy - it was dinner time and they did not eat last night!!
Chinese meal and a bottle of wine.. Showers were important - sad to say - more important that Gin o'clock
and an evening of planet earth on TV, Coast  and some other rubbish that is on at the moment  - no energy to switch off ...     uploaded the Nelly Kins Photos ....    seems enough for one day ... Good Night !

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