Monday, 21 May 2012

May 21st 2012 - Is Summer a-coming-in???

Seems to be a change in the weather this morning - sunshine in Llanelli, the wisteria is out and the garden looks fresh.

Looks like a good day for the warehouse and unloading stuff etc.

In the meantime - the first version of Tapestry in in the "unlisted" section of Youtube. My mother wants to learn the words and it is much easier with the tune as well.
Just a first draft on acoustic - but fairly happy with the format
{for story behind it link here to previous blog entry} 

Cash up and accounts done from the wedding at the weekend. Finished uploading the photos from the wedding. Worked upon a "Music in the Crimson Moon" with "If I was a Mongol" videoed at the last Curious Pastimes event at PACCAR. Added the credits and intro and tried to cut out a mistake in the second verse. Using the Youtube video editor as my machine is incapable of doing HD 1080  without losing a lot of quality.
Have to wait for the results as it takes about an hour to process. Good excuse to go into the garden...

All the boxes of Wine and Mead brought into the house and the perishables.
Can do the stock take now when I am ready.
Washed the back of the van with the power washer to see what happened - it didn't fall apart - so used some white Hammerite paint on the bits with rust beginning to show through. Always a problem with Mercedes Vans - they go on for ever - but the rust starts to come through after a while.Looks quite good on the back - so will have to do the rest.

Video of "If I was a Mongol" has gone live

Quite dark and a fair bit of noise in the background - but Dave comes across quite well - and more important I now know the tune so can duplicate it.

Cold Meat dinner with fresh salads from Susie's garden  - bottle of red ... nothing wrong with the world ..

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