Friday, 25 May 2012

May 25th 2012 - Friday - nearly the end of another month...

Start of the day with a funeral. Peter had an excellent send off - with a basket work coffin - something I had not seen before. Amazed at the numbers who attended - saw many old police colleagues - most of whom did not remember me at all. Spend time with Alun, (Mabon) who used to visit my mother regulalry when she was living in Albert Street - who asked after her and wished to send best wishes on. Ex Supt Alan Davies was in fine fettle - gave him a lift down and heard much of his trips around the world. Hope I am as fit and active at 75.

Back to the keyboard - heat of the sun outside may be a little too hot for the moment.

Unfortunately, the van's MOT cannot be done today. The MOT station has a problem with its calibration so cannot be done until Monday morning at 11am. That will leave me only a little time for the loading of the van on Monday. Still need to get to Llanthony by Tuesday to get the tents up. Am thinking of two journeys if they want all the tables etc and am looking at the stock that I intend to take.
Better replace the Jack Daniels as we took a caning at the Wedding!!
Decided it is too hot to work outside - so popped in and uploaded another few galleries to FLICKR.
Seemed time for a Maiden's Cream...   A favourite of the Crimson Moon - Vodka Redbull and Vanilla Ice Cream Floater ..... 

Checked the website and the following existing galleries require updating with the new Flickr links:
  1. Erin's Naming
  2. Caldicot 2010
  3. Vampire Wedding
  4. Spearhead
  5. Highland Games
  6. Insurrection
  7. West Wales Masons
  8. Scurvy Scum
  9. Jude & Ant 2010
Previous galleries are standard without cooliris - so can wait to catch up.
Still need to look at the 2011 galleries that did not go on and the 2012 outstanding.

Ordered the beers for the Jubilee. very much putting a finger n the air - but weather looks as though it may continue - so have ordered 3 11's of Carlsberg on sale or return and 10 kegs
6 of Carmarthen Pale - 4% and blonde ale, 2 x Doombar, and 2 Speckled Hen .
Also picked up an extra gas at 70/30 rather than the 60/40 I normally use. They will be delivered to site on Thursday.

More updates upon the webpages - decided to catch up on this year's galleries as well - so now am up to date with this year's events, LARP Aid 2012, Glastonbury, Katie Bagpuss Birthday, and Curious Pastimes first event.  Means that the first view of the website is now acceptable again - though have put disclaimers on all pages blaming Facebook unashamably for being so crass!!

enough for one day .....  

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