Sunday, 27 May 2012

May 27th 2012 - Sun - Day Morning...

Yes, another lovely day. Awakened to the sound of the police helicopter hovering over the house as teh Olympic torch wends its way from Llanelli  down to Burry Port. Sounds as though a large number of people have gone out to watch it go past..  I will give it a miss. I will watch it on telly later possibly or buy a torch on e-bay if I really want one.

Was also lucky to miss the Eurovision Song Contest last night while at the St Teilo Race Night. An excellent night we had - though the commentary on the films was the original commentary with the wrong horse names - rather than the over dub we used to have with the NSPCC where they only referred to the horses by number. 
Came clear as we watched that it would be fairly simple these days to record a few races from the TV and then overdub the sound in a video mixer and get the films done that way . Over £2,000 raised so very well done to everyone.
Susie won best hat ...
and I did rather well on the horses - considering my loathing of betting. Came in as winning jockey on one race winning £25 thank you very much, and two other races at £12 and £11.  all in all - I think I was up on the betting.

Trying to find some gear for the wedding next week. Susie finished her corset and has purchased a parasol and fascinator hat. I am trying to get hold of a friend who does Steampunk regularly - to see if he has anything I can use.
Still hunting for a PA system for the festival.
Morning of accounts I think - four more TABS in - only three outstanding now. Expect at the end of the month.
Off to Narberth this afternoon for the Mark Provincial Luncheon at the Nant y Ffin Hotel.

Emma agrees to help with a cello track for "Tapestry" song - still practicing with a metronome - very strange for me.

Lovely dinner in the Nant y Ffyn Restaurant at Llandissilio for the Mark Province.
Managed a few more galleries this evening - so almost up to date with the main website galleries.

Sent a letter off to Carmarthesnhire Council regarding the parking ticket that they gave me when taking my mother to the doctor - as the blue badge had expired the week before and we had not received the replacement. Hoping to get a waiver - though I think I am talking to someone who is very "jobsworth".
Me first letter was so obviously the standard - it even had "INSERT DATE HERE" in the text!!
Have copied the old and new badges and the confirmation of the renewal application in plenty of time - so will see whether I get a waiver or not ...

Was interesting in the first telephone conversation where we went from 'no give whatsoever' to "Well when I used to be in charge of the parking and tickets in the police we used to have the opportunity to exercise some discretion when there were particular circumstances ...  " to at least " well we will see what we can do if you send all the copies of everything .."

Last thing at night : all Cooliris Galleries updated and working - that was a mammoth task ... but all done ..
Have to work back on the other 2011 galleries but at least there are none that show an error ...

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