Thursday, 24 May 2012

May 24th 2102 - Thursday again ?? How did that happen?

Van in for repair to anti-roll bars and MOT for tomorrow. Garage not yet authorised to do its on S7 MOT's so my have to find a gallon of fuel and drop it into the van so it does not run out on the way to Dafen.

Call to Caerphilly Castle and roger at CADW to enquire what is happening for the Big Cheese in July. It is one of the largest international markets in Wales - and we normally set up in the castle with a Mead Emporium  doing free tasters and selling by the bottle. He will be having a meeting later today and hopes to contact me again tomorrow. Last year the skte fee went up form £100 to£250 which is a lot of wine to move - but proved worthwhile so we wish to do it again this year - though it may be a quick turn around for me to get off to Germany for the Wayfayrers Arrival at Mythodea.

FLIKR account cost $44.95 for two years - so $22.50 a year for unlimited. Seems worthwhile if it gives the websites stability for the future. Managed the two main Calendars and Nelly Wedding onto Cool Iris.

Okay - the process seems a little laborious - but for future reference this is the way I am doing it:
Upload gallery of pictures to FLICKR - into the main Photo Stream.
Select all photos "not in sets" and create a set for the group with the title image at the main title.
Create Gallery for sets - or add to relevant Gallery - eg Crimson Moon Re-enactment, Crimson Moon LARP, Crimson Moon Calendars etc.
Go to Cooliris and select via Flickr - categorised in sets - choose the relevant set.
Add Pictures and go to advance options and add a background for the Crimson Moon Wallpapers site.
Ensure that title is changed
Publish and copy the embed code.
Enter Dreamweaver for the page and embed the code in the relevant template.
Change size from 400 / 240 to 640 - 397
save and upload.
Example here - Cowpie 
Hmm - further examination shows that I can embed the screenshow directly from FLICKR as well and customise  - so that will be the future option. May have to move my webshots galleries later as well - that will be a bind but no point in paying for two cloud sources.

Right - uploading picture takes some time - so painting the red packing cases black so that they can be better used as benches - painting out the lettering etc. Will have to put the Crimson Moon Logo on later as the template is in the van.
6 painted so not a bad start to the day.
Very hot ...

Must be getting near Gin o'clock.....

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