Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May 16th 2012 - Back to work..

Well after a productive day yesterday doing everything other than that which I should, back to the grindstone this morning .,
Well a distraction or two. Fired up the laptop and set the angry bird on it (30 watt speaker system in a cage)
Sorry - but I had no idea what angry Birds were ( and for the uninformed they are a silly and compulsive computer game, where you launch small birds via a catapault to knock down buildings with the intention of killing pigs...   you know it makes sense!!) . When I popped into Curry's to see if I could find a replacement speaker system for the laptop to use while away - I saw this bird thing and thought - "that would not look too  out of place in the tavern". Discovered later that it was specially designed for iPod, or iPhone - neither of which I have or wish to afford. Found this out when I registered it on the website for warranty purposes and the website insisted on me recording some form of i-application. Wrote to them and pointed out their mistake - as I only use it as an external speaker  - had a nice email back saying that though I was obviously crazy - they would amend the listing on the website.
Got the Virus scans working and added a few pictures to the Screen Saver - the series of pictures form LARP events and other events where Crimson Moon has been.

Found a nice Shoutcast radio called Irish Pub Channel - and excellent songs int he background.
Must learn "The old Dun Cow" - song "Macantyre!!"

Discovered I managed to forget to put the bins out last night - despite having a note on the living room door to remind me - and a note on the computer desk..   Oops !!

Facebook is being its normal distraction  - Saw a lovely picture of a Clockwork Orange - had to rework quickly and post ..

Day of accounts completed. Done Household year - end account sort out and run all bills and examined the 0% offers and started transfer of moneys from accounts.  Sort of Money Laundering in a legal fashion. See Natwest have bumped their charges for transfer up to 4% instead of 3% but still cheaper than credit card fees.

Had the go ahead from the photographer responsible for the Tapestry photo and the model to use the pictures - so can go ahead with the recording and production in my own time now. 

Succeeded in getting domestic accounts completed, new year business accounts set up, business accounts completed, Updated business lists for this year's events. oops - just found another box of accounts and invoices. Will have to be another day now .... Still getting there.

Have to load for the wedding tomorrow - hoping for good weather..
Still listening to Irish Pub Radio - excellent choice of music...
Susie managed to complete TEN's for most of the year's events now - and been doing her hand-made birthday cards this evening.  Probably just time for a glass of Scotch  before bed...

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