Friday, 18 May 2012

May 18th 2012 -Today is the Feast of St Theodorus of Ankara - Patron Saint of Pub Landlords

Early start for the blog - as Falstaff says in Henry IV part 1 "To be up after midnight is to be up betimes..." so I am early today..

After my song writing attempts - my mother gets her poetry head on and sends me her latest - which to be fair is rather good . had the need to find some images for it - and posted it on her facebook for her  in a new gallery called "Poetry"

and here it is ..

  Not a bad effort I think..

The rest of the blog will follow a few hours sleep  - or not - broadband in and out like a meerkat at the moment.

Today is the Feast of St Theodorus of Ankara - Patron Saint of Pub Landlords - 3rd Century Roman fellow I am reliably informed.Hmm - Google seasrch suggests it could be any one of several days - but I will go with this one for the moment.

Still uploading videos to Youtube. upload failed again int he middle of the night - so set it going this morning - and will see how much is done by the time I finish loading the finishing touches...

Uneventful journey to Gloucester and find that the wedding is to be at a beautiful Tithe barn - partly back to 12th century or so - but rebuilt entirely following a fire. Listed building so it has been restored with great care. A beautiful setting - and a lovely spot to set the bar up.

Manage to get the trailer right to the door and unload easily. Glad we brought the extra trestles and tables as the wedding party are able to use a couple of extra tables and we can set up across the entire ant-room.

Manage to get it pretty well completed before Gin O'Clock - just a couple of extra items for the morning. Take the main light down and the back lighting looks good. Entertain Mine Host Tim & Bridget - the owners, and John and Layla his son and wife.

Back to the van for sleep and sadly find the air-bed is leaking in the middle of the night and have to pump a spare up at 5am.  Back to sleep..... Tomorrow is a big day for Nelly and Jack....

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