Monday, 28 January 2019

28th January 2019 - First step to streaming

Thought for the day:"If I had a Delorean – I would only use it from time to time .."

So, Band Camp went well and the CD is up on line for anyone to stream or download
However we seem to be having problems with the main streaming options. I am using a company called Amuse as they are happy to do everything free and provide maximum royalties - which seems a reasonable offer when you are not expecting to make much money out of your streaming - I get the impression I am never going to be rich and famous with my music !!

However - we get to the bit where the music is being uploaded and a few hours later we seem to be in the same place. Not helped maybe by using an Android Emulator upon my desktop to help me use an App that really only wants to be on a phone or tablet - but it should work...

Ho Hum ..
Tried again this morning and got as far as uploading the artwork - but the tack upload is still stuck and there is nothing to show progress - so you cannot see if it is stuck half way, really slow, or not doing anything at all !!

Think I will go for breakfast and see if there is any progress...

Seems there was a little tick box that I had not seen - seems to be working properly now 
Seems I have a UPC Code whatever that is - 0650728859840

I have one cover version of Heather Dale's song "One of Us" and they ask for a licence details which is awkward as she does not seem to have any licensing requirements. I have sent an email to her to see what she wants to do - we will see whether we get a response.

So we are set to have it streaming by the 11th February if nothing goes wrong.

It is all so technical.

Meanwhile - the Greenfield has started doing open mic evenings and did a couple of songs last night. Seems to be a nice evening where people actually listen to what is being sung - so managed to do "Drinking with Rosie" dedicated to Debby - who was running the evening with husband Denis (the singing Decorator) , Agna's Lament and Tanja's Song, followed by a secind session with "Do Virgins taste better" and the "Green One" ...  still surprised how popular that remains...

So - awaiting email from Amuse to say that they can't do my songs - or heather dale telling me to not license - or maybe we can go ahead - we shall see.

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