Monday, 26 October 2015

26th October 2015 - Training ? Nope ! oh - Okay

Thought for the day: "A disappointing day - discovered my universal remote control does not control the universe - not even remotely"

One of those days which just runs away from you..
Installation of Lliedi Lodge of Mark Masons this evening of which I find myself the secretary.    A lot of running around but a good meeting of some 41 members and visitors and £202 raised for the Provincial Charity - which aims to put a mobile Chemotherapy unity into West Wales.

I shall probably talk more of this in some future chat - but tonight I am tired and need to have a relatively early night as I will be on the train to London early tomorrow to get to Great Queen Street - Freemason's Hall, for the Grand Lodge of the Allied Masonic Degrees. Will be receiving Past Inner Guard in Grand Lodge  - a nice honour .. No 147  Okay - not the highest !!  but I really do think that to be recognised and awarded is a benefit in itself - plenty of time and an honour is an honour...

I shall be glad to attend - though I am still disgusted by the prices that are charged for train places. With my senior rail card I shall pay £66 for my return trip to London - with extra for local London tube trains...  Okay, it may be close but I could get to London and Back for £66 in my car - though I would have to take the tube in due to car restrictions.. If there were two travelling - there is not way that the train would be economical.. Where is the sense ??

still - too late tonight to rant ..
Glass of Scotch !

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