Tuesday, 20 October 2015

20th October 2015 - Sanctions Schadenfreude & Serendipity

Thought for the day:"In the defense of alcohol - I have done some pretty silly stuff when perfectly sober.."

Some may know that I do, on occasion, highlight the inconsiderate driver who parks where they should not with lack of consideration.. indeed people send me such photographs... This arrived today.

I suppose it is Schadenfreude really - but a photo like this one always seems to be so popular.
My thought is just that I would like to go into the story behind it - what was the motivation of each party to get to this stage ...  or is there someone out there who keeps little yellow envelopes in plastic ready to stick onto an official vehicle found to be illegally parked.. If this idea has not already been taken then I think I may go for it ...

Lets see, a few yellow paper sheets of paper with some official type writing in gibberish on it;  some little plastic envelopes, there seem to be many about - I am sure I have seen some in Tesco's for keeping food fresh;  some sellotape - or as they used to say in Blue Peter "single sided sticky tape"; a clear coast and a quick dash in and "plonk" it is on the windscreen...

This one was apparently in Swansea this morning. It is a Crime Stoppers van and my informant tells me that "Naughty naughty! There are queues of people, taxi drivers, council workers and bus drivers trying to take a picture of this crime stoppers van with a ticket".  I am sure that there were. I would have like to see it myself ..

But if it is legitimate, then for a second, let us consider the day that this particular warden has had. Can you not envisage an early morning "rollocking" or staff appraisal interview where they have received criticism for "under-achieving" - for lack of results, for low statistics, for "letting down the side" or sheer laziness. Can you hear the attempt to point out, as an old colleague of mine used to say in Haverfordwest, "My primary purpose is to ensure that the traffic keeps moving and that there are no obstructions - I can do this with the use of a degree of common sense and personal initiative.."  Yes, can you hear it and can you imagine the argument being stone-walled as just another excuse for inactivity...

In my mind, I follow that person out from their meeting with an unresponsive "boss". Possibly, a day that started bright and cheerful, with the prospect of another sunny day out in the fresh air. Okay, chances are that there may be some conflict with an irate driver during the day, but a positive approach to your self worth, and the knowledge that you are that individual who treats everyone fairly and helps whenever possible, who has a chat with local shop keepers and allows the "quick run into the shop - I will only be a moment" when it does not harm. A day that had started with a friendly chat with colleagues over coffee - now turned into a dismal hatred of the whole system, the lack of appreciation, and an ultimatum to "get more bookings"

And then - in front of you is the one thing that is almost as good as the boss's car itself - a Crime Prevention Vehicle abandoned in a restricted place...

What else can you do??   You are under direct instructions, not half an hour earlier.. and That will show them !!!  

I am not saying this happened - I am just seeing it as a possibility...   If not this ...   I am sure that you can envisage your own background story....

Whichever way it is - it brightened my day - and if my version is correct, then I would like to say to that unknown warden "Thank you - you brightened my day - even if you did not mean to - That is Serendipity!"

And so, with those few words I say Cheers! Glass of Chateau 41 is required I think ..


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