Wednesday, 14 October 2015

14th October 2015 - Fresh Bread, Fermentation, and the Fast life

Thought for the day:"I doubt vodka is the answer, but its worth a shot!"

Another busy day on the road. Managed a long drive today - not really by choice - by lack of driver. Installation meeting in Fishguard for Strumble Lodge - or rather a Proclamation as the Master is staying in place for another year, and no options for transport.

Hour and a half - which was fair - in glorious sunshine on the way out, and clear roads on the way back. Also 9 ruling Masters visiting which was a good turn out and good support.

So, now that I am back and need to put the blog to bed...   Smell of fresh bread cooking downstairs! a glass of Blossom as the Chateau 41 not ready yet - though the red is on

A watched fermentation does not finish - I know that !!

Meanwhile - the saga of the British Gas Bill continues as I received a nice letter telling me that they have received my "complaint" ..  and will answer in the next 7 working days - I can hardly wait !

So - I lift a glass to you ..    

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