Sunday, 18 October 2015

18th October 2015 - Freemasonry and Fermentation

Thought for the day: "Who loves you more? Your partner or your dog ? Lock them both into the boot of your car and see which is happy when you let them out…"

Had a few photos form the trip to Cardiff yesterday - all rather grainy so will have to take a real camera with me to the next one. The Building is old and very inspiring - all wood and carving..
But thought I would share them here anyway ..

Still - all that learning and a good day - so worth a record here ...
Meanwhile - the Chateau 41 (White) from the tin on this occasion rather than the LIDL special grape juice, is ready to drink. I shall admit that I have never see such a clear - colourless wine - really fine and though a little sweet (it is a Pinot Somethingorother) it is very drinkable ..

So - nothing much else being done to day so - Cheers !!

Oh - and a very bright mother in the sunshine - waving me off from her balcony...

And some grapes - I prefer them fermented .. just saying


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