Sunday, 28 June 2015

28th June 2015 - iStill don't know

Thought for the day :" Don't make me repeat myself. . . Cause I can't remember what I just said"

So, I did not get an iThingie - but this is about as close as I get - a bluetooth enabled remote speaker for phone and laptop and stuff like that - except - in the best spirit of iDon't-get-it it doesn't actually work as specified. It works fine if plugged in and paired with the laptop with no probs and is happily playing from  Winamp across the rook at the moment and the sound is pretty good - but it is meant to be a battery operated recharging iThingie. And as far as I can see the battery is not charging - or at least when I take the power source off it does not switch on - Yes I have been on line and downloaded the manual - in 27 languages of course - and checked to see that there is no security thing on the battery to stop it charging until bought - and you have to get a screw driver out to get to the batteries when they finally die so there is no real way that it should be anything other than plug and play...

But if you unplug - it does not play !

Well - charge it for another 24 hours and then see - if the worse come to the worse it can go back to Tesco - though if you buy ion line you don't actually get the slip that says when you bought it ..  I am sure there are ways around that.

In other news, we were up early this morning as I had a phone call form a prospective house buyer. Not through the estate agent which was interesting - but through another website - apparently homes for sale dot com or similar. They had my mobile number so it must be one that I have put on somewhere .. I can only find the official ones though ..

Sadly, after clearing the house, and switching on all the lights (it is a muggy day today and the house looks much better in the sunlight) and sweeping and scraping the mud from the paths in the rain, and carrying stuff to the bottom of the garden - I get a call asking if they can come a little later - and then they ask the price.. Apparently wherever they saw the advert - the price was not on it as they decided that they can not afford the £189,950 I have it listed for ...  Oh well..

But just in case you may wish to relocate to Llanelli - here are the details :

Can't find the Dawson's storyline - but this is the old John Francis details :

Still looks quite good to me .. I would buy it I think !!

Oh well - a day to get other stuff sorted then - some scrambled eggs for breakfast .. yum...

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