Monday, 15 June 2015

15th June 2015 - Of Woods and Walks

Thought for the day :"I'm going to get my demons some exorcise equipment."

So, some friends went walking through some woods and her shoes leaked - so they decided to buy the woods . About 4 and a half acres I understand . I think this may have inspired Susie as our Sunday afternoon turned into a magical mystery tour round the back of Carmarthen, to find some woodlands that were for sale - 17 acres..

It was a little damp, and my shoes did leak - after all she had not told me where we were going .... It might have been to look at a house and so I had put a clean pair of trousers on...

 But 'Thena seemed to enjoy ..

 There was mixed wood - though much of it was not really accessible at the moment ..

 And a seat for the weary ..

At £49K it is a little steep for somewhere that you cannot put a house.. but it was a pleasant on the way to the hospital..

Still no-one looking at our house yet  - so no real chance of moving...

But mother is feeling a little better today - managed a sit in the chair and six steps with the walker - so a daily improvement

I lift my glass to her ...


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