Wednesday, 17 June 2015

17th June 2015 - Wards and waffle..

Thought for the day: "I sent the ancestry site some information on my family tree - they sent me some seeds and suggested that I try again... "

A busy day, loading up for our weekend in the VALE - Live roleplay event up in Stoke area, and a call from the hospital saying that they are going to move my mother to the local rehabilitation ward in Llanelli - then the call saying that they were not, and then that they were - and not..

So when I got there for visiting this afternoon I was not really surprised to find all her wordly goods laid out on the bed as she, depressed, tried to work out what was happening ...

The ambulance was scheduled for 4pm - I did not expect it and sure enough at 5.15pm it arrived and loaded five patients to be delivered to their homes around the county - with my mother being the last delivery to Llanelli Hospital - but in her inimitable fashion she was chatty and talkative and won over the ambulance men by the time they got to Llanelli.

 Timing wise I got is completely right... As I parked just outside the hospital car park (to avoid the mandatory car park fees) the ambulance beeped me as it went past - and then stopped to let me on board for the ride for the last 200 yards - they did not have to do that !! Mum was delighted. I was impressed. Thanks to Malcolm and Andy of the Ambulance Service for your bit of extra care !!

So - fish and chips for tea - a bottle of Chateau 41 - a glass of scotch maybe and watching an episode of Lewis .. all a good way to prevent finishing the basics for the trip tomorrow.
Probably will have to get up early !!!

Really have not much interest this evening in finalising "stuff"

 Ho Hum..

Night  - I will be away for a few days at VALE

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