Thursday, 25 June 2015

25th June 2015 - Red Caps or White?

Thought for the day: "Narcissism is such an unattractive quality. It looks good on me, though!"

Found an interesting thing to muse on today.. I was buying my customary Diet Coke in the bottle and also on this occasion a box load of cans - I use them a lot in the car...  Now- up until now - I have always recognised the difference between "Full Fat Coke" and "Diet Coke" when serving by looking from the top.. It is simple - the coke bottles with the white caps are diet and the ones with the red cap are real! When there is lemonade - they are white cap as well - but as the bottle content is clear there is no confusion.

But today I looked at my 3 litre bottle of diet and saw that it has a red cap!!
And - as I happened to be opening a can of diet I saw that against the grey can - the ring pull itself was also red!!

I wonder if it is a mistaken batch, a special order for Farm Foods, or a change in marketing...

Watch this space I suppose !!

Meanwhile maybe a glass of Chateau 41 to keep the wolf from the door...


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