Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3rd March 2015 - Another day ... another step nearer

Thought for the day:"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy!"

Busy day! Managed to find that I can hire the benches and tables for LARP AID at a reasonable price - which means that I do not have to hire them from a distance or get them carried to the site. Also means that we can have a couple extra for the back bar and front bar - which is good.
It is difficult to sell when you do not have a bar to sell from!!!

A bit of work in the warehouse and some more boxes sorted.

Managed to find the old china tea set - bone china - belonged to a grandmother somewhere and never been used. Seems a good time to get it out for the funeral on Friday. Not sure how many will come back for tea afterwards - but it seems to be the custom here so best to offer.  Susie has written a lovely Eulogy for Eileen, and I look forwad to reading it on Friday. We made the decision not to have a vicar or minister - there is nothing worse in our view than someone trying to learn about someone who has passed and then speak at the funeral. I can understand why people do it - not everyone wants to stand at the front and run the meeting - but for us it seems a far better way to do it - so I shall be celebrant and lead the service through from start to finish.

Sitting listening to Vintage TV tonight, and Merle Haggard and Willie Neslon are singing "Pancho and Leftie" - Somehow - "Bothvar - Tasty Don't you Know" sounds a damn good song !!! It is like the meme that comes up every so often "Don't you hate it when you hear your favourite song and the original singer has got the words wrong!".  Rather pleased - though I will admit it would be nice to get the full backing band effect.

Also got approached by a LARP Blogger who would like to have some original LARP style songs to put with the blog. Pointed them to the Youtube Site and tld them I could re-record anything they liked  - they seemed pleased with the idea...

Hit 67,000 hits on Youtube and still uploading Nostalgia Vids that I compiled for the LARP Awards. They are on my personal FB Pages and also a few days behind on the Crimson Moon pages - to see if I can get maximum footage. This one ios Caldicot first event  :)

Disappointed with Bosworth / Glastonbury "joined up working" plans. Seems Bosworth is going ahead as a hire of the tents - but cannot get a response regarding whether we are included in the Easter Festivities. Would have preferred to negotiate the whole package as a whole - so do not know what is happening over Easter at the moment - we may still be hunting for an event. Hoping for a response in the next few days or it will be too late to get one under our belt.

All the licensing for the events booked for this year are now in place.  10 days to first event - LARP AID in Brentwood Essex.

Still looking at spreadsheets and sums and likely profit margins and pricing policy. This is the tricky bit - getting the prices at a level that is favourable to the customer and sufficient to get a return. The business was built before on the basis of building a steadily increasing customer base rather than a quick hit return  - but events have to break even as well.

So...   surrounded by paper and computer sums  - I shall call it a day ... I lift a glass of 41 and say cheers!!

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