Sunday, 29 March 2015

29th March 2015 - Parliament is Disolved - no-one noticed..

Thought for the day: "The scarecrow got promoted because he was outstanding in his field"

Clocks changed today - lost an hour sleep. I know - it happens every year and we whodul be able to get usd to it. The Computers sort it all out automatically. The dog seems to have sorted out that she can get her dinner an hour early and that seems to meet her rules of stomach.

I had a trip to Neath for a rehearsal - Appendant Orders of the Red Cross of Constantine - taking the part of Prelate Second Point. Means little to most but it is a lovely piece to learn and recite and will be a pleasure to perform it in April.. a month that is quickly descending upon us.

Estate Agent is due back sometime after the weekend - would be before but the Easter Wekend gets in the way. Top bedroom stripped back of the wallpaper. I would claim the credit but I firmly believe that any reader of this missive would now know me better than to think that I had managed this work while swanning around with my rehearsals. No, Susie has done her ususal and pulled the beds back and started the work. I managed to cram a trestle table into the back of my mother's car this evening so we have a pasting table. Tomorrow is a decorating day as well as a day for me to load up the Bothy ready for the weekend.

Off to the South Coast on Tuesday. Will be back on Wednesday and then off on Thursday for a weekend with the Unicorns - LARP with Lorien Trust

Photos from the Provincial Meeting in Shrewsbury are in - and here is yours truly among the full Provincial Team 

Provincial Officers - 2015 Magonstaeton Province

W Bro Iain W Sewell
Prov Dep Marshall
Magonstaeton Province

Today Parliament was disolved - didn't notice much difference to be honest - will swtch the TV off for the next month I think  - I have already reached a boredom threshold from the campaigns that have been running from January. I know that I should exercie my democratic rights - however I feel that I am being manipulated and will exercise my alternative rights to live my life in the past...

And with that I shall lift a glass of Chateau 41..


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