Sunday, 1 March 2015

1st March 2015 - White Rabbits

Thought for the day: "Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!"

As it is the first of the month - I decided to add this lovely photo of some White Rabbits in the snow!!  Enjoy !

Spent a morning in the warehouse today. Managed to clear a path to the bathroom where I have now stored the material and boxes that need ready access. Looks a lot clearer. Now almost through the boxes of damp books and cleared and cleaned and re-boxed. Will soon be in a position to start re-arranging the furniture and getting a few pictures of the store.

Meanwhile, some thoughts on the Vale events through the summer. The organiser  offered the use of tents so we only had to bring the bars in - however - there is a charge of about £300 per tent plus VAT which makes the calculations fall apart.  Until we know better and have done an event there, I have to estimate that the profit margin will be in the region of £650 - £750  after paying 10% of the takings for site fees. That would wipe any profit out entirely.

It makes it a harder set up - but I cannot see another way other than to take our own tents for the first events. Still mulling this over.

Meanwhile - Morrisons have an offer on Vodka at £15 a litre which is good, and Farm Foods are still doing their buy 2 x 3ltr for £3 which brings coke and diet coke down to 50p a litre.

Need to find if Farm Foods are near Brentwood...   hmmm Chelmsford seems the best
Best keep that for posterity ..

Meanwhile, also purchased a small wooden barrel planter that will do well to hold snacks like crisps and peanuts in packets on the bar. Also a couple of wagon Wheel so I can build the wine seller's barrow..   All ideas in mind at the moment ...

Starting to get the spereadsheets together for the stock and pricing structures..
All keeping busy .. Meanwhile I saw this - and thought "what a good idea!" Seems the customers do the pedalling ... 

Oh well... enough for a Sunday
White Rabbits !

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