Friday, 20 June 2014

20th June 2014 - Of Lettuce and Lists...

Thought for the day : "Atheism is a non-prophet organization."

Another hot and sunny day - and more produce coming from the garden. The lettuce are doing well and very sweet...

If te sun stays out it is likely that I will have to start carrying water over.. The rain catcher seems to be working well but it doesn't help if there is no rain!!

Cars all safely back from the garage - for some reason there was no oil in my mother's car!!  Well I will admit that vehicle maintenance is not one of my strong points. I normally claim that I can tell if the engine is missing - if I open the bonnet and there is nothing there (other than a VW Beetle that is !!) So I have never added oil and it has not had a proper service for over a year  - and apparently they would not check things like that when doing the MOT .. Which reminds me I must tax the Terrano - due at the end of the month ..
Oh, and book my tickets on the Eurostar Chunnel ....  Apaprently I can use my Tesco Vouchers again this year - so that will keep the costs down slightly.

So - a few things to sort out - and maybe take the dog for a walk - They do say that the difficulty with slowing down when you are retired is that you can't slow down if you have no momentum!!!

So -a picture of my mother for no reason - except I know that she reads the blog...

So - Happy Friday !!!   Cheers !!

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