Thursday, 12 June 2014

12th June 2014 - Toolbox Rhymes and Reason

Thought for the day:" I intend to live forever .. or die trying!"

Today has been mainly about looking at yesterday's fun and games at the Creative Bubble in Swansea.
Ron Savory's idea to have a festival of arts in a shop window took my imagination and led to my mother dancing to a rap version of "Putting on the Ritz"  - though in fairness I do not think that she fully approved of the amended words in Will Ford's version of "Going on the Piss"   !!

But she seemed to go down a storm with Ron and the other select members of the random audience...
Ron with some of his Poems from the Toolbox..
The event is going on again today - but I am unable to get there - perhaps tomorrow ...  But in retrospect from yesterday there were a couple of photographs of the Bard in the Window..
It was warm in there - but still good fun and as I looked out I could see the Indian restaurant across the road had opened its doors and there were three members of staff standing at the door listening ... I think they were listening - they were not smoking so they were not out for a crafty fag !!
I had my little mini camera set up so you can get an idea of the sound and the setting and the people passing by from the video...

Meanwhile on other matters, more fresh potatoes from the garden today and our first lettuce from the Plotment - and very sweet it was !! With Ham and home made relish ... Washed down with a glass of Chateau 41 - Life cannot get much better !!!!

Better get back to practicing and one day the set will be faultless -  or not........ probably not ....!



Place of the day...

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