Tuesday, 18 March 2014

18th March 2014 - The Plotment Fights back

So, St Patrick's Day has passed without much activity, unless you look to the Crimea in which case they have liberated themselves from Ukrainian rule or been annexed by Russia depending upon you interpretation. The only real consensus is that there is a lot of Western rhetoric which is going nowhere...

So, as an alternative the daily walk from Llanelli was a little brighter, with the sun shining and the weather at 8am being a little closer to Teneriffe than Torquay. A morning cup of tea with my mother and we were able to go and sit out on the balcony to drink it!  An opportunity to put some bamboo fencing around the washing line providing a little privacy, and a new set of solar butterflies. I changed the batteries on the old set but they still did not want to work - maybe a new battery in a few days time!
Definitely shorts weather.. and a splendid cup of tea ... The balcony looks out over St Mary's Church Burry Port and over the fields and the railway line leading towards Llanelli.

Through the balcony..
This was a day to drive down and walk back and the cup of tea and a chat did delay the journey a tiny bit. But it is rare at this time of year to be able to sit out in shorts (me) and dressing gown(mum).

The balcony has a few flowers, but we want to get the roses from the back garden at the flats and bring them up here thought the wind may treat them badly. Also, one of the chemist delivery drivers apparently has his own allotment and has offered to come and fill the pots with sweet peas - which will be nice if they climb the rails... Must say it was very tempting to jump back in the little car - but no! It was time to get Rusty out and start the trek back to Llanelli..
You can just see Rusty on guard in the front passenger seat...

So a little exercise to get back and then the task of clearing a little more of the Plotment. To be fair I do not do the hard work - but I have to do the heavy work. The chicken straw and droppings needed to be taken around to the compost heap - not a big job - but the brambles and the chopped trees and greenery needed to go to the Dump.  The little trailer does a splendid job - as do the masonry bags which were very full - such that I completed my daily calisthenics trying to lift them into the trailer.  And that is where shorts and a T shirt do not really help!

I was good - honest ! I have working gloves that I use - they allow me to grab the brambles without mishap.. But hefting the bags into the air for the trailer - and twice as bad at the dump where they have decide to put bollards so you cannot drive up to the greenery enclosure - and worse - have walls that are at least waist-high-to-a-fat-man to get over......[not waste high- see what I did there? Here all Week!]  It was a walking wounded fat man that limped away from that enclosure!! Cuts and grazes on both legs and arms - but the hands were safe !!!

Tomorrow is an early start - I may be up anyway if my allergy cough does not give me a rest - 2 nights hacking all night!  I used to think it was the canvas - as this was the time of year that I would be gathering the tentage and sorting for our first events. This year - I have the same cough at the same time of year. Has to be an allergy. But some other cause. Got some spray and antihistamine - maybe I will get some sleep.

Tomorrow I take the Bothy up to the Awning Doctors to see if we can repair the awning at a reasonable cost. It retracts with no problem but needs to be coaxed out with kind words and a large stick!!  Only a couple of weeks to my first outing as LARP Entertainer - a 21st Birthday with the Green Cloaks futuristic Sci Fi system.

And then we are going to some stables to liberate some Horse Manure.   

I know there will be some Western Governments who will say that it is unconstitutional, that we have not gone through the proper procedures, that it is against international law and conventions, but four of us will be heading up to the stables tomorrow to do the evil (smelling) deed...  Susie says the Plotment needs Horse Manure and that is good enough for me.   We will see what economic penalties the government tries to bring to bear....  but personally , I think it is just a load of ..... rhetoric!

Ho Hum - I lift my diet coke to you!
[ 14:10 -10 : MPV 1421+183 ]

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