Sunday, 19 August 2012

18th August 2012 - Scolton Manor and the West Wales Masons..

Morning broke early - and general drizzle and fog starts the day as we are up at 6am and on the road by 7am for the World War  1 or 2 event at Scolton Manor  near Haverfordwest.
Not totally sure of the period so we have chosen austerity between the wars and have found an excellent 1930's sign for Newcastle Brown ale .....

8.15am finds us on site and we are able to put up the 20 x 20 with the new inner lining just about at 10 am when the public are able to arrive...  Sadly - not much in the way of public get to the event. We are set with Hessian inside so that we look a little more austere than usual - and to be honest it looks rather good - a look we will have to trial in the future!!

We are serving Black rat Cider for those who want a pint and we have meads and wines for taste and sale.

Weather improves steadily through the day and we get talking with the Welsh Horse re-enactment group - who will be riding around the arena during the day. Sadly - customers are few and far between - but that allows  me to go out with my camera to catch some of the event. We have Dogs rounding up ducks - Falcon Displays and the Welsh Horse.

One of the nice parts is that we meet up with Tony, who has previously been with the English Civil war Society as rider - and turns out that he was at Adams School Re-enactment 6 years ago and once he realised that we were the "tavern" at that event - did not stop ranting about how great the bar was "it went on for miles - with all these tapestry and candles and candleabra  "    ...  was nice to be appreciated.

Took the decision later - that we would cancel the second day - the forecast was for heavy rain all day - and we had the chance to get the tent down dry this evening - so that is what we did.. Would have been fun providing the hospitality for another group - but on this occasion we decided that discretion was the better part of business - we really did not have enough customers all day to warrant our presence.

I feel that we have done our duty in supporting the event  - now I will have a little more time to get everything prepared - and a little less rush ...

So .. posting some photos from the event. the Dogs were really good - Delft staying in the van and coming out occasionally to make friends - a thing that she has not been doing in the past .. and Rusty just sat while he was being mauled by children - a really great step forward...

Made acquaintance with a couple of nice young ladies who also ride for the Welsh Horse - Ciona  from Kidwelly - just achieved her A level results and heading off for Vet School in Bristol - may have to try to get her a placement with Chris Madigan later  - and Meg from Llandeilo - taking a year out before going to Cardiff to train as mental nurse - lovely young ladies ... Oh dear - Vollsanger in Love again !!!

So -full day for loading tomorrow - bonus!!!

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