Sunday, 12 August 2012

12th August 2012  Back to Work........

Well it is Sunday - and suddenly I realise that the next two weeks are creeping up on me - Scolton Manor next weekend and a quick change to get to PACCAR for Renewal .....

Tents are all dry - and the edges of the German one have been repaired with a touch of copydex and canvass patch. Luckily - the rain is letting the patches blend a little more into the general colour of the canvass - so they are not so distinctive any more.

Quick panic yesterday as I realised that we had not licensed the Scolton Manor event near Haverfordwest. Luckily, the organisers, who had insisted on licensing the whole event last year - hvave done so again this year - so we are able to go. We will however be taking a very simple set up - more in keeping with the original Drunken Monk set up - the tent with some hessian around the walls for austerity, and a simple trestle with the bottles on them - no ale on this occasion - just the mead and wine emporium. Not even any of the Bar tat - that will allow a quick take down at the end and allow me to have most of the trailer packed ready before we go. We will be sleeping in the van as well - so that makes life a little easier.

Today - we have tried to rationalise the Kitchen for Renewal - I was sitting on 25 players - and that has now gone to 31 with a couple of enquiries. Still waiting on a couple to get back to me - but we are shopping with 35 in mind - even though we are only at 31 at the moment - I am sure that another couple will come out of the woodwork.

Still uploading videos. The last one I prepared turned out to be 1.3 gig so is taking about 5 hours to load. Loaded it last night and Youtube suggested that it could remove some of the shake - so I let the automatic update try - and immediately lost the full 5 hour upload !!!   Will not try that again!!!

the Vollsanger Guitar ...
So on the uploads for today - we have the two main points of my German trip  - the translation of the Green one into German and the strange moment when I managed to go past a camp in which I had never sung - to hear people I have never met - who don not speak English as a first language - singing "and a green one"  and when Jan Wettermann ( a German Bard I met out there) and I started playing - immediately found a dancer to waive some green flags ....
War ein Grüne (there was a Green One)

Eine Grüne Tanz  (A green Dance)
We are thinking of setting up the 20 x 20 to test the new awning and inner skin - if the weather holds well enough - though it is threatening rain again - and we had storms last night and it feels close enough for more storms today.

So - Bookers transfer, Order Beer fromMcGees, Pay for the meads and wines, some more admin work, clear a path through the living room, clear the warehouse, empty the van - reload the trailer ( needs a new mudguard on Tuesday), think about Bookers Order.

Staffing for Renewal looking good - Sam and Pippa are coming early - possibly even Wednesday which will be a boost. Have Emma and Katie arriving for the weekend and also now Sean as Eye Candy for the ladies... Should take some of the strain off..
waiting to hear from the organisers of CP regarding finding us enough space to put all the tables etc for the event - and also to hire in some benches and tables. Easier than trying to take everything from here.
Not getting a reply at the moment though.

Need to print some more business cards for Scolton and for renewal and check the change situation .
Getting to be a list really !!!

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