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14th August 2012 - Here we go again..

Should have a man start to paint the front of the house today. Always a little dubious about handing some money over in advance - but the guys come with good references and I know where they live !!!
It is one of the advantages of living in a small community .....

Yesterday allowed us to erect the 20 x 20 and try out the new inner lining. Fitted like a glove!!

 Will have to add these pictures to the site. Made of Rip stop - so should be fully waterproof - though more worried about sparks form the fire  - will have to be careful with the firepit. But it is mainly for the Hadrian's Wall Charity walk so we will see how we get on.

Better start thinking about lists - have only a couple of days before Scolton Manor and Renewal and lots to do......

Hmm watching the Empire Blogs - it is very gratifying to read the following...

Bill Thomas..
It's very early days, but here's the beginning of the new tavern set we're building for Empire...

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    • Jessica Smith Looking very good
      2 hours ago · 

    • Elinor Kershaw Saw it at event and looks great. It has stairs :)
      2 hours ago · 

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    • Andrew Hamper That look fantastic
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    • Nathaniel Castle Combined with beer that could be the sexiest thing I've ever seen :)
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    • Thomas E. Hancocks Building against the hedge line craftily hid most of the exciting bits over the weekend. Very impressed with seeing this picture!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Dominic Tranter Can I have one please (for the back garden)
      2 hours ago · 

    • Simon Tucker Wow, that is awesome.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Daisy Abbott Sweet taverny goodness!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Dave Lowry Having seen it at Odyssey I can honestly say it's everthing this picture suggests and more! Pennington Snr mentioned it might be as long as the Feast tent!

      Bill Thomas - will the roof be canvas?
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    • John Williamson I think I'm in love!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Rachel L Thomas Looks fantastic. Very impressed
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    • Sonya Williams Ooooohh!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Adam James Hirst ‎*froths rabidly*

    • Andi Tucker Looks amazing so far!

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    • Chris Brett AMAZING!

    • Sophie Tynan EXCITING!

    • Steve Dançarino Pink That is awesome... 8)

    • Andy Raff It is incredible and not only does the picture not do it justice, it doesn't capture the sheer *speed* at which progress was made between my first viewing Saturday afternoon and where it was Sunday night, thanks to what appeared to be an incredible team of volunteers.
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    • Nick Watt That looks Frickin' Awesome!!!

    • Matthew Pennington 
      Dave Lowry - the roof will almost certainly be canvas. While we have the people with the skills to do much better, as a two story building we simply can't transport and deploy it with a fixed roof. From experience of the last time we built
      deployable buildings with installable solid roofs we know that that is the massive Achilles Heel that screws the whole project time wise. In this case it would turn a 5 hour deployment into a 5 day deployment (and similar on takedown). That's utterly unsustainable given the LONG TERM ambition for Empire to eventually fill the site with this kind of beautiful buildingy goodness.

      When we do some first story buildings we'll have loads more options, but this building is ruined and reclaimed which is why, IC, it has a temporary canvas roof.

      The quicker we get this one finished... the quicker we'll get onto the next one... the more we'll get done for the first event. So if you've got reasonable construction skills, if you have experience with power tools and wood and you would like to help then we're on site building every weekend in August just about, so please get in touch!
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    • Ches Zilla That's amazing!

    • Dave Lowry Thanks for the detail, Matt! If only I could convert keen and excitement into construction skills and extra weekends for you... :)

    • Gill Jones Looks like a really great building, but more importantly, is there going to be someone as awesome as Iain Sewell to run it?
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    • Gary Longford See you, at the weekend Bill Thomas
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    • Morgan Nash Would people with no construction skills but able to fetch-and-carry be of any use to this project or others in the future?
      19 minutes ago · 

    • Mark Wilkin Small request when these get set up for the first time can someone video it and stick it up on youtube backed by the Thunderbirds theme? Thx :)
      16 minutes ago · 

    • Gary Longford Of course this has no official bearing on the project but yes Morgan Nash, fetch-and-carry is always useful. Plus alot of the times it's hold this while I screw it in etc.
      16 minutes ago · 

    • Matthew Pennington Gill - I've never roleplayed with Iain so I don't know how awesome he is, but we have one applicant to crew the tavern already! We will be building a team of npcs to man the tavern and hopefully they will be as fun to roleplay with as the fantastic rep the Crimson Moon has.

      Building a big project like this is quite expensive, in both materials and time and it would be an utter waste to do that if the area wasn't a kick-ass in-character area filled with cool roleplay. All too often IC taverns risk becoming OOC taverns because people go there for OOC reasons (to drink alcohol). We want the tavern to be one of the IC hubs for the game.
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    • Matthew Pennington 
      Morgan Nash - the problem with unskilled labour is about the ratio of skilled:unskilled. As Gary says there are always things for unskilled to do, but they usually need very clear and constant direction from the skilled. Once you have too ...See more
      10 minutes ago · 

    • Morgan Nash Thought it worth mentioning so you could reply like wot you just have :-)
      8 minutes ago · 

    • Rick Wynne 
      I have role played with Iain and he is fantastic... and I'd love to see folks in the tavern who are as cool as him. It was discussed at ODC this past weekend... we want an awesome innkeeper for the awesome building but not its not just a ho
      st/hostess we need, there are plenty of other cool roles ... and getting the right people for the right roles is an essential part of building Empire.

      As for volunteering to help with the builds, Empire is in large part about community. People should not be shy about offering to help. Its YOUR Empire if you help make it so.
      3 minutes ago ·  · 1

Which is  rather nice to hear

So Back to work :

  • Bookers - transfer to High Wycombe and arrange delivery for next week - done
  • Print out Kitchen List - done
  • Precook food for Kitchen - renewal - done 
  • Pay Site fee Mortimer's Cross - done 
  • List Tabs   - done
  • Admin Big Cheese 
  • Admin Sherrats Wood
  • Party Plastics
  • Sam McGee re beer

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