Sunday, 29 April 2012

April 29th 2012 - The Calm before the Storm....

Sunday Morning. Traditionally a "lie in" day - but not normally for us. Weekends form a major part of the business week. Not this weekend though. Weather continues dark and stormy. Winds are high and the temperature is low. Central heating been on again but when the wind blows from one direction - it always seem to go through the house.

So a lie in it was - up at 9.45am and ready for a trip down to Ant & Jude for Sunday Lunch at the Toll Gate. Also an opportunity to chat about the forthcoming music festival / wedding on the Jubilee weekend.
[makes it a business trip for tax purposes of course !]

Quick spin through the birthdays on Facebook - fewer today ... 

Lovely Sunday Lunch with Ant and Jude - excellent wines and food.
Discussion of Music Fest in Jubilee weekend - mostly sorted. Will require all tentage and  full set up
Hoping to put Acoustic Sessions in the second tent on an "L" shape set up. Will have to speak with friends to see if we can get the kit together at low cost.

Invoice / Receipt sent to Firestorm Games for their case of Mead.

Altogether - been a very nice day off. Weather still foul. Hoping for something better tomorrow.

Note to self :
  • arrange glassware order to send off on Monday for arrival by Wednesday  

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