Saturday, 21 April 2012

 April 21st 2012 - Katie's Birthday (Bagpuss) Herstmonceux

8.30am and the call of nature causes me to open the van and look out warily. Surprisingly, it is another sunny morning. Seems a pity not to walk the dogs through the bluebell woods. Settings in the woods for paintball and outward bound - returned to the Crimson Moon to find that an outward bound extreme first aid commencing in the hut alongside.
Time for a cup of tea and a game of catch with dogs.
Weather starts to cloud over - but still dry so far.

Batteries on the laptop won't last forever... so may continue later....

5pm and everything is ready and just awaiting the guests. Monked up as it is warmer than normal clothes and Susie is dressed as the "widow" and ready to sit down at the fire and star knitting.

Weather has stayed pretty dry - with the occasional very light shower.
Heard our first Cuckoo in the woods. Quite insistent it is. May be one of our sponsored ones with Cuckoo watch. Casper was in Europe so may have made his way over already.

Popped into the good ship tesco for some cans of lager in case there are lager drinkers tonight. Sounds as though the re-enactors may be in minority, so felt that some pint cans could be useful. Also another bottle of gin and some more tonic. after all - we only have one bottle - and though that will keep us happy - we may have to serve a customer as well.

Dogs had second long walk - so are fast asleep in the van. The mud here is like slippery treacle. Had to get a couple of lads to help push us out backwards to get onto the track. Have reversed back in and onto a slightly higher bit of ground - had to re-balance the bed of course, but I think that we will be putting the van onto the track and lugging everything to the van. There is very little likelihood that we will get out empty - let alone with full load.

Have feeling we are not going to be exceptionally busy tonight. Ran through a couple of songs, Cows with Guns, Garrison Nights, Hobbits, Sing me no songs of angels, Pussy Cat, You bring the Mead. Green One., Others will have to come as inspiration takes me.

watching the batteries...  switching off.

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