Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April 17 2012 : "You have to respect someone who can spell TUESDAY - even if it is spelled wrong"
aa milne

Rain and showers through the night, but the morning shows bright and sunny periods - but still cold.
Ran through the Paypal Accounts for the year and listed for the Tax Files.
Bought a new holder and car charger for the Daphne - my favourite PDA and Sat Nav.
Can't often use it in the Car or Van as Susie is also a Sat Nav - and though she is not always accurate - has a tendency to be a little more emotional, and traveling with two women in the car is always a little fraught with danger. Daphne does have a tendency to be a bit literal like all Satellite Navigation systems - and does make the occasional mistake. Susie on the other hand may read this blog one day .

TEN ( Temporary Entertainment Notices) applied for for the next few events:
Katie Birthday, Curious Pastimes first event PACCAR, Cow Pie,
Refund from Eastbourne. Caerphilly Castle payment in hand. 
Stock lists : Recorded stock lists for LARP AID and Glastonbury and current stock.
Allows the ability to see what return is likely from stock held. Helps with financial management.

Windy and chilly all day - but loading the Van and emptying the Trailer proceeded well.
Took pictures of each stage to put into a short Video - "Loading the Crimson Moon - 3 Master"
First version here on an unlisted link
Will add to it as I finish the loading tomorrow  and then perhaps lift the marquee at site ..
Altogether - it may make a useful record as it lists everything that has to go in for a successful event.

Loading a 3 Master

So this is version one :  (now superseded by version 2 on April 18)

Sorted out the details for the Wedding in May - TEN arranged.
Also TEN arranged for the Jude Ant Musical Fest  / Wedding Celebration ...

Decide to take Hotel for night before Birthday Party - Travelodge £29.
Allows us to get there on Thursday night and be rested when we start putting up on Friday. All about being rested for events these days ( doesn't happen !) . Then looked at it and decided at that price we may as well have Sunday Night as well - so booked that as well.

Another day done .......

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