Friday, 13 April 2012

April 13th 2012 - Blog Commences..
I have never been one for blogging, rarely read any one else's Blog - and do not really expect anyone to be following this one - but as the Crimson Moon is currently under offer and my wife Susie and I re looking to change lifestyle once again at the end of the year  - it seemed that this was an appropriate place to list some of the tasks that we carry out on a daily basis. These tasks ensure that the Crimson Moon Tavern arrives on site and provides the service that we try to achieve.

Short Background: 
In 2004, after five years playing in Live Action Role Play (LARP), we were approached by Curious Pastimes, then the second largest LARP Gaming Company in the UK, to see whether we were interested in running the Game Beer Tent at their four events, thus freeing the company from the more arduous tasks - allowing them to concentrate upon the Game System, with a view to charging us the equivalent of half of the profit previously achieved. (This profit having previously been split with one of the Game Factions who provided staffing etc.)

Having looked at the set up and the books - this seemed a "win-win" situation. The Company would no longer be ted into the running of the bar and Susie and I would turn the Bar into a going concern with a little investment and effort.

That year - we borrowed tents for the first two events and then started investing in our own equipment so that by the August Bank Holiday ( the largest event of the year) we were independent - with our own tentage, an old burger van trailer for carriage and a Ford Transit to get us to event.

At this time, our main supplier of wines and meads found that they were unable to attend at a Re-enactment meeting in Caldicot Castle - South Wales, for the Early Medieval Alliance. As we had the tents and the set up, we agreed to provide a Beer Facilities for that event as well in the September.

Naturally - we took our full tent with all the Live Action Roleplay fittings - which was unexpected for many of the re-enactors who were more used to a plastic Beer Tent rather than a Tavern !!

So it was that the Crimson Moon bridges both Live Action Role Play and Re-enactment in its first year - and found so many similarities despite being warned that LARP'ers hated Re-enactors, and Re-enactors despised LARP'ers.

As Dara O'briain was to later say in the Crimson Moon - "They may be Geeks but they are my kind of Geeks".

In 2006, after retiring from 30 years in the Police Service, the Crimson Moon went from a few events a year - squeezed into annual leave - to a full time concern - with bookings from April through December, Live Action Role Play, Re-enactments, Weddings, Parties and Market Trade......

This Blog concerns some of the tasks that are done on a daily basis to ensure that the Crimson Moon continues to provide the atmosphere and entertainment that it does, and why we are able to say..
"We are not a Beer Tent..... We are a Tavern!!"

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