Monday, 16 April 2012

16th April 2012 - Monday Monday..

Early phone call from Eastbourne Council to apologize that when they took the money from my VISA Card it actually went into their account - surprise , surprise!. As they were the wrong area for the Temporary Entertainment Notice (TEN) they thought they had refused it.. Now they have the task of finding out how to refund. But one matter out of the way.

Quick work on YouTube - finalizing a version of "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" which I recorded back in Llanelli Folk Club in March as an experiment. Fairly happy with it as a live attempt.
Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Oops. Flushed the Cooking Oil through the Bio-diesel unit without closing the pipes to the Filter and am in the Dog's house for putting dirty oil through the filter. Have had to change the Filter - messy job.

Chasing Caerphilly Castle and CADW - who have been very slow in paying the bill for the Christmas Banquets. Well to be honest - I have been a little slow myself in chasing - having only just found that the invoice is still outstanding.

Orders for three T shirts - just have to check what colours. Red, and Orange (!!) and of course a ubiquitous "green one" - all ordered.

No Luck with Cooking Oil today. will have to try again at the end of the week. With fuel strikes still pending it will be useful to have as much bio-diesel stoked as I can to get through the next month or so. Going past the Dimpath pub I saw the sign "BEER SHORTAGES IMMINENT!! PLEASE PANIC BUY ". I liked that. First time I did not have the camera with me ..  Oh well - will probably post it on Facebook instead.

Got to Glamorgan Beer Company and bought a nice Y Ddraeg Aur - Golden Dragon Ale for the weekend. Also some Black Rat Cider. should keep them going on Saturday for the Birthday.

Query from Simon and Emma (Wedding June) as to how many tables we have and are able to take. Good Question. Will have to count. Normally take as many as we need - there are always a few more stored away. But I was meant to be making a full inventory of everything that goes with the Crimson Moon - so that is one more thing to do.

As the Birthday should be a 3 master - it may be practical to only go in the van. Trip to Sussex - so good saving on fuel and convenience if I can fit everything into the van. Decided we would set the camp bed up in the back of the van on this occasion. Means a smaller tent is practical and no need to take the bedroom fittings and carpets.

Normal Mead / Wine supplier is out of stock - so a bit of a blow ! Having to order from Lyme Bay - 10 cases of Traditional, West Country and Moniack. Sadly - haven't done the paperwork yet to get an account with them directly - so having to pay by credit card again. Still - The card pays off every month so gives me the equivalent of 28 days invoice time. Nice Lady at Lyme Bay (Hannah) arranging for next day delivery as well so should have delivery by Wednesday - giving us plenty of time to get up to Sussex.

Afternoon : managed to build a new set of planking to place in the back of the van in place of the bed - I am slightly too tall to sleep sideways in the van - but only just. I reckon I can always sleep a little diagonally if required. Still much easier than setting up the bed in the normal way. Should be about the same weight I am thinking.

Evening: started the accounts .. paid a few bills. Sat down to watch the latest "Almighty Johnsons" only to find that there were only 10 episodes in series one - and the last one was last week. Had to make do with Ice Age 3 instead.

Tickets for Mythodea - the German LARP event in August confirmed paid and ready to be sent.

Chinese Meal and a bottle of Blush  - can't fault the end of the day ....

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