Thursday, 19 April 2012

April 19th 2012 - On the road again....

Earlier start than usual, up at 8am with a cup of tea.
Checked route and distance - 240 miles to Eastbourne - estimated journey time 5 hours 16 minutes.
M4 - M25 (possibly M23) and overland.
Final bits of loading of the van required - but weather fair for the time of year. Forecast for rain and heavy showers but a high cloud base and patches of blue sky around.

Laced new shoes (work gear - steel toecap - Shoe Zone £19.99 special offer) and new trainers, (Shoe Zone £9.99 reduced) ready to take to event - but wearing old ones for the moment. New walking socks too. Haven't bought for a while so treated myself. Well it may have been the embarrassment at Glastonbury  when I decided that as Drunken Monk -(the Abbott Costello) it was too cold to wear the holy sandals without socks - and the only pair I had that looked wool and fairly old were one green and one brown sock. I am sure I must have another pair like that around somewhere. Claimed that it was intentional and authentic of course. Who is going to disprove the Barkeep ?

11am and the van is mostly loaded.  The last bit is going to be interesting. Seems there is a little more than I was anticipating.. Oh well - Tetris Man to the rescue...

And bon voyage and off to the South Coast - Eastbourne.
Reasonable journey other than continuous rain and 4 hours in - stoppages on the M25 and later on the A22. 6 hours journey in all. Arrived well at the Travelodge - nice dinner at the White Hart at Hillingly - quick walk with the dogs and settled in for the night.

Forecast for tomorrow suggests that the morning may stay dry - but getting wet by lunchtime. Decisions to have an early start - quick breakfast - and get the tent up as early as possible.

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