Friday, 7 March 2014

7th March 2014 - Friday again???

Been a busy day - plenty of paperwork on probate and allowances and bills and applications. Finally put in the application for my bus pass - and of course Susie's as she is a lot older than me !!  Submitted Probate application duly signed and sworn.  Dealt with some housing benefit applications, and submitted funeral expenses through the bank.

Rehearsals up in Carmarthen and then a meeting up in Aberaeron, and finally the broadband has failed in the house - so instead of sitting down and resting, I have spent a pleasant hour chatting to my friends at Sky who want to change my cable (3 days - agreed) and replace the router (£39.95 - fighting that one) and couldn't find a manager as they all left at 10pm !!    That is an interesting one for an all night call centre!!!  Well I spoke with Aine pronounced Anya and she assured me that someone will call tomorrow between 10am and midday ( I will be in Gloucester so we will see what happens!). Tried the router in the kitchen and it worked.... so brought it back upstairs and so far it seems to be working. Somehow we are maintaining our relationship with Sky...  Tt fails - I call - they test, they fail to find result, it works ...   Well, at least it seems to be working now....

And so for all these reasons there will be no blog this evening .. and this cartoon from Dorktower sums up my position...

So, early morning trip to Gloucester tomorrow for the Provincial Meeting of the OSM.. Should be a good day out...  Night.

[ 15:03 -3 : MPV 1232-8 ]

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