Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5th March 2014 - Heathrow to Aberaeron

Return of the Colonial... Early morning start to drive from Burry Port to Heathrow - traffic fine - well a couple of short hold ups - but it was through the rush hour across Cardiff and towards the Bridge.....

Long day in the motor - Burry Port to Heathrow to Aberaeron to Llanelli - 530 miles round trip..

Of course there is always a cause for comment at the deviousness of big business. I noted the latest Tesco plans to allow up to 20p per litre reductions dependent upon the use of your Tesco Card. Seems like a fair idea - designed to keep you shopping at Tesco and buying your petrol there as well  ...   So as I fill up the last quarter of diesel tank I note that I have not used many litres at 134.9 a litre and decide that it will pay me to use all the fuel up and get my 4p off per litre when I return...  

So off we go to London and yes, I have enough fuel to get me back, but I am going to Aberaeron on the return so decide to pop in at Carmarthen Tesco ... Hit the end of the motorway and the fuel light is worryItingly amber - and the gauge looks very low - so decide to pop in at the Co-op at Crosshands to put a fiver into the tank - no point in running out so near to the destination !!!!

So as I get into Carmarthen - a petrol station that annoys me in the past as it is the only Tesco garage I know where they reverse the regular unleaded and super unleaded ( at about 10p more per litre ) at the pumps so anyone used to filling up at other locations will grab the end pump and innocently fill up with the costly stuff!!! Doesn't happen any more as we are mainly diesel.

But I get to Carmarthen and start filling and notice...  the fuel is 137.9 - 3p a litre more expensive than Llanelli - 17 miles away.....  So I stop at 20 litres - enough to get to Aberaeron and back and a bit....  After all - there is now no point in filling up a full tank and getting 4p off at 3p more expensive...
Just seems a rip off to me !!!
"Would you like to use your 4p off?" asks the nice lady at the desk - After a polite lecture about big business and how they are more expensive - I smile sweetly and continue my journey !!! I could have saved my time - given her a card and invited her to read my blog.....

It's enough to drive you to drink...   Saw this sign !!

But - even with such provocation - it is time for a nice cup of coffee!!!
And an early night - I could sleep I think

[ 15:03 -3 : MPV 1217-21 ]

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