Thursday, 6 March 2014

6th March - A walk in the rain - Llanelli to Burry Port

Properly dressed for the weather - It is a Green One!
A bleak March day, that light drizzle that is like a steady spray from an atomiser, a grey look to the sky, puddles on the ground, but no chill.... A surprised looking dog, when early morning gravy biscuit is followed by a trip down the garden rather than a return to the bedroom. A dejected older Blue dog, as she realises that she is not to be included in whatever strange adventure is occurring. 16 years old and a distinct heart splosh ( a medical term !) heart tablets on a daily basis, and the prospect of a 3 mile hike do not mix...

But wrapped up and checking the time as 7.46am - Rusty and I egress through the back lanes and head for Sandy Water Park.
The bridge by the Sandpiper as we entered the water park path.. The rain started a little more heavily but not for long. There were few people out this morning - and to be honest I could  not really blame them! I had no doubt the my friend Krissie was out running and throwing kettlebells but for those like me wrapped up in full weather clothing, this was not really a day for the leisurely stroll - I was heading out with my best foot forward..

Sadly I was not sure which was the best foot. As many of my friends will tell you - I am not a great one for walking...  

But, as we headed away from the Water Park heading for Burry Port, an object on the horizon caught my attention as a brace of spaniels caught Rusty's eye.....  It certainly was not there when I was last walking along here - urr a few months back or was it longer ??? 

As we got closer it became clear that the two figures beneath the rugby posts were statues/metal silhouettes.
Also, the tops of the rugby posts became clearer showing that, just as in the past at Stradey, the tops were adorned with saucepans.....

And so it as that as we got to the posts, which held a different fascination for Rusty in a purely male doggy fashion, the figures and the tops became fully clear...

I am not sure when they arrived - they may have been there for a long time - but I had not seen them before.
So onward and upwards.

As we left the water park fully I came across the first mile marker. I understand that this dragon is a mile from the Cafe at Llanelli Harbour...  but a marker for me - the time was now 8.05am and I had got to the top of (a very small) incline...... Hey - this is me !!! Even a small incline is an achievement !
A view back from the Dragon towards Sandy Water Park
Leaving the water park we come to the grounds of the the Eisteddfod fields. They are to be used again this summer in August as the Eisteddfod once again comes to Llanelli. A good thing in my view considering all the investment that went into the area, for the one previous visit in 2000.

A quick pause just after the bus park and turning spaces to look into the main festival area, with the amphitheater area and the Green fencing ( good colour that !).  Yup - shoes holding out quite well. Best walking plimsolls at £8.99 in Asda.. But they are comfortable. I had considered wearing some proper walking shoes but thought they would probably cause me more problems as I have not been walking much...

Following the path we were soon opposite Pwll, and on the other side to normal (for me) of the fresh water fishing ponds. They have always been an amusement to me - I have rarely seen anyone fishing there, and am not surprised as, being below the flood plain, it seems to be flooded more often than freshwater, and presumably full of salt sea-water...  I know in the early days it was stocked with fish a couple of times for competitions, but I have never even seen a water bailiff bother with the area since.... Today it was quite full with little wildlife other than a passing heron... I think the animals were more sensible than me !!

Pwll Pavilion and a surprise for me . I never knew there were tennis courts there!! Of course the fence is damaged and the courts are open - I have no idea if that is as a result of recent storms or neglect.  There are no nests at this time of year but the pavilion still appears in good order...

Onwards, and before we veer away from the railway, we pass a blue plaque in commemoration of Amelia Earhart to find that Pwll wish to claim her as well as Burry Port...

Passing the Tramway and heading towards Morolwg Pond (where there is fishing and restrictions) the rain stops enough for a glance back along the path to see how far we have come.

Of course if you want to know more information about this fascinating area and the walk you only have to look at the information boards... Oh!!   not much information there ! So..
  Nothing to see - Move along !! Carry On!

The path moves onwards and remains pretty flat.. In the distance is the outline of St Mary's Church, Burry Port...  This is both a good omen - in that it is a target in sight - and also a little depressing as I know that the Harbour and Plas Y Mor is the other side of the Church - quite a way further in fact !!!

As we travel we are restricted in several places by the "Burry Port to Pwll Sewerage upgrades". Welsh water inform me (via notices on the blocked paths) that they are spending £3.2 million on placing new pipes between the towns. In fact we have been watching their progress from the road over the last months.
But as we pass the diggers and the pipes, I arrive at the next marker, at the railway bridge, with views once more of Burry Port Estuary.... 

Through the woods and circumnavigating the remainder of the ponds we arrive at the car park where we normally stop when taking the dogs for a walk. I am not sure who was more disappointed to find that the car was not there waiting for us - Rusty or Me !!! But we were within hailing distance now - if you have a very loud voice and a good imagination..

Passing  the old football ground and Celtic Couriers, we turned the corner to see our destination. Plas Y Mor Complex, home of Mama Jan, and the hopeful location of a nice cup of tea.... Strangely, it was only crossing this open ground, an area where we often exercise both dogs, that Rusty started looking around and waiting, presumably looking for Delft. But Delft was warm at home, though I later learned that she was waiting at the gate for a while giving a plaintiff and regular "Woof!" until taken back to the bedroom!

And so the end of the journey - 500 miles or so ..... (I know it is only about 3 and a bit! but I never spoil a good story by introducing the truth) and a cup of tea... and part of the plan... my mother's car to take back to Llanelli.

I could have walked it again of course with no problems !!!   But Rusty is getting a little older these days.. Best not put too much strain on him ...

And so the rest of the day...  Better get a bottle of Diet Coke out ...  Keep the fluid levels up...

[ 15:03 -3 : MPV 1201--37 ]

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  1. Excellent Iain. Shame about the information boards but the council seem bent on paying thousands of pounds for boards that are of absolutely no use when QR codes and NFC tags could do so much more. Be great to include this in your code and stick that on that empty or faded board.