Thursday, 20 March 2014

20th March 2014 - First Day of Spring ? Put the Kettle on !!

Today is the Spring Equinox. I did muse to my American friends that due to the lack of oxen in the country it might be better called the Equihorse, or Equincow, but after a few days of warmth, we seem to have dropped ourselves right back into the depth of winter. Central heating on this morning, and an allergy cough that seems to want to graduate into a full blown cold...

So, no real plans to get out and do the walk, get things done or actually do much at all!

But the NSPCC coffee morning called. Not to me, but 8am and Susie is out to get more butter and cake boxes from ASDA. My job is much more Sous chef, clearing up afterwards. Keeping out of the way. Getting the car and loading it up. Extra cup of tea.

Social Services calling at lunchtime (actually she was late, had the wrong post code, had not seen the forms before, doesn't normally do this type of application, we had to explain the allowances to her, but seemed nice enough). Managed to spend some of the morning clearing the living room of the Ebay sales and accumulated boxes and bags, and run the hoover around. Can almost see the living room again. Seems to go in cycles. Fill the house with "stuff". Clear the House of "stuff". Fill the house...clear...

Too much rain for the garden or the Plotment so only a couple of pictures from yesterday.

The long trek up the garden to the Plotment - one barrow at a time... But in the end it is all worth while.
A Pile of Poo
 After the trauma of yesterday {see yesterday's blog} the manure was put in place ready for distribution.

 Susie surveys her work - new cloches in place and the ground ready.

Rusty checks the pallets and the sprouting brocolli - I think it is .. I am not allowed to go anywhere near it anymore...

And so, it is the first day of Spring. It is cold and very un-spring-like. But all is not lost.
Among the rubbish in the Plotment, there was a very special find. An electric kettle!!

Time for a cup of tea!!!

[ 14:9 -11 : MPV 1374+132 ]

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