Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March 2014 - Travels in the Bothy - Barton on Sea

Sunday. Bright sunshine but cold. The Terrano is in the garage because they did not open yesterday, and we failed to get it back y 6pm on Friday.

Plans to head down to the South Coast could not be put off though, and so the Bothy was brought back into service. Dogs seem happy and settled in the back, with the new waterproof covers for the benches, and sad to say a box of Whiskey and a box of Port on the bed area. Oh well. Only a few more days in the month for the sabbatical and then there will be plenty of time to celebrate.

Strangely, throughout the whole journey we seemed to be following a large black cloud. The roads were wet most of the way - but we found ourselves in sunshine all the time. As we arrived in Barton, there were piles of hailstones in the corners of walls but still sunshine.

They say that the sun shines on the righteous.   That will be us today ...

[ 14:8 -12 : MPV 1333+92 ]

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