Friday, 14 March 2014

14th March 2014 - Have your Pi and Eat it too

There you have it

Today is also the day that Tony Benn shuffled off this mortal coil. Never agreed with his politics but had to be one of the most erudite speakers and influential characters of the century - well both ! He was one of the people that always led me to believe that the only people fully able to embrace socialism were those who could afford it - giving up his peerage as Anthony Wedgewood Benn and becoming simple "tony". But later seeing him in his pavilion in Glastonbury, a feat in itself, one had to admire him as a speaker.

I liked his statement in 2001 when he retired - saying that he was leaving Parliament in order to "spend more time on Politics" - This sums up my opinion of Parliament to this day.

Took a holiday on my sabbatical yesterday and a blowout dinner - put a pound on !!  But overall managing close to target - must not eat any more Pi.... Not today anyway!!! 

[ 14:12 -8 : MPV 1393+155 ]

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